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  disc filter  
disc filter:
Equipment Overview:
disc filter
    Precision filter: according to the water requirements of different accuracy of the filter plate, 20m, 50m, 100m, 200m etc are available.
High efficiency backwashing: high-speed backwashing, to be completed within 20 seconds.
    Fully automatic operation: a row of water in the filter group in turn passed the anti-washing process for the turn, work, wash the anti-state switch automatically to ensure that the water in a row, the system pressure loss small.
Long life: high-tech plastic filters, solid, no wear and tear, corrosion-free.
main technical parameters:
Working pressure(MPa)
Backwashing pressure(MPa)
Backwashing time (min)
Backwashing water volume(L)
System pressure loss (MPa)
Working temperature (℃)
PH value
Power supply (V)
220V 50Hz
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