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Design and construction of flow:
Provide the information required:
  1. Production of water production and use: The customer must provide the capacity of water production and water use (hourly, daily or annual production of water), use of or related industries, such as water plants, breweries, boiler, pharmaceutical, electronics, flowers, etc.
  2. Water Quality Laboratory Report: Customer must provide local health and epidemic prevention departments test the water quality report card issued by the company as the basis for the design process Water quality test report card must have the following indicators: raw water type, temperature, PH value, ion concentration, TDS, hardness, alkalinity, COD (or TOC), TSS, iron, silicon
  3. Production of the indicators of water or related industry standards: the implementation of customer-specific production of water related national standards or enterprise standards (customer-specific water quality indicators), such as national standards: "GB17324-98" or production required water quality indicators: conductivity ≤ 50μs, hardness ≤ 1mmol, resistivity ≥ 15MΩ
  4. Plant Layout: installation of equipment factory length, width, window position, size, and hardening of the ground situation, if not build factories, the company plans to provide plant
  5. Water, drainage, power supply: The customer must provide the plant's water situation (the location of the inlet pipe, diameter, water flow, pressure, temperature), drainage (The location and manner of drainage facilities), power situation (the location of the power, voltage and other electricity consumption)
The main design elements::
  1. design and process flow chart that details the composition of water treatment system, and each part of the purpose and effect throughout the system
  2. Fuyuan system features introduced in the product appearance of water treatment systems, automation control, and other areas
  3. device configuration table more detailed description of the water treatment system composed of the name of spare parts, brand / origin, specifications, and the required quantity and material
  4. equipment costs and budget quotations and a breakdown of the total budget for the system to facilitate customer reference and comparison
  5. Fuyuan of water treatment service that the company's service concept, technical support and Service Commitment
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